Frankfurt (Day 1)

Train ride to Frankfurt

Written in the train to Frankfurt at 7:25 to 7:35.

We met at Zurich main station at 5:40 in the morning. Tom was his usual 10 minutes late. As we boarded the train, thoughts came up if we had everything packed we needed for this Interrail tour. A few moments later became our concerns true: Tom forgot to bring some gloves and cap, which is a bit unlucky in December and with snow. We decided to buy some new ones in Frankfurt.

On our way there we spent our time watching movies, reading and writing this post. We hope to get some sleep until we arrive in Frankfurt, so we won’t be that tired.

Arrival in Frankfurt

Written in the train to Köln (Cologne) at 15:30 to 16:05.

Strengthened by a cold piece of pizza which Tom brought from home, we arrived at 9:53 in Frankfurt. Luckily we had time for some “power naps” in the train. Another one of our concerns proved itself wrong: We feared that our luggage wouldn’t fit in the lockers at the train station. They are spacious enough and cost 3.50 Euros for the small, 5 Euros for the big one with a maximum of 72 hours. We recommend to bring some coins for things like this or toilets, not every system accepts credit cards or notes.

After that we went to the “Back Factory” and drank a coffee. Then we went on a little walk around the train station and took a metro (subway) to the Frankfurter Dom. It’s a really nicely decorated church. We wanted to take the stairs outside to the top of the dome. Unfortunately, it was closed due to fog and snow. A bit disappointed that we missed a beautiful view of the city, we went to the Römerplatz, over the river Main and walked through the city.

On our way back at around 13:30 we found an awesome place to have lunch: The Irish pub “O’reilly’s”. We ate a tasty BBQ sandwich and drank a Killkenny beer. Thanks to the free Wi-Fi at the pub we searched for some more information about the city. We also looked for a good place to get a data sim card.

We decided to buy a sim card from Lebara with 3GB for 30 days. Now we are on our way to Köln by train. We weren’t able to get this data sim working.

Evening in Köln (Cologne)

Written on 28.12.2014 at 17:45 to 18:00.

We arrived at Köln with a ten-minute delay due to a technical rail defect. We booked via Airbnb an apartment, which is at Grosse Neugasse 34. Thanks to Here Maps from Nokia, which allowed us to download maps from Germany (and other countries), we found our way there easily (apart from a little indirection). The apartment is on the fourth floor, which was a little challenge to bring all out luggage up because there wasn’t an elevator. Everything worked perfectly fine and we could enter the apartment. We were excited, it’s a really nice place in the middle of the city, even with a roof-deck!

After some time we went out again and decided that we could take a train to Düsseldorf. It wasn’t possible to take a train due to some problems with the trains. We then went to “Farmer’s Steakhouse” and ate dinner. Tom had to help me finish my spear ribs. We spent the rest of the evening at the apartment and enjoyed the beautiful view from the roof terrace over the city.

Originally written by Lars Deuber in German. Translated by Tom Erhart.

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